Our Work​

The Mid-Atlantic Gleaning Network (MAGNET), derived from the Christian commitment of feeding the hungry, continues the centuries-old Biblical practice of gleaning fresh produce from fields, orchards, and packing facilities. Food which would be otherwise wasted is donated by farmers, harvested by volunteers, and distributed to low-income communities and individuals through food providers such as food banks, shelters, and soup kitchens.


Collect and distribute 10 Million Pounds of food
17 Million Servings (0.7 pounds per serving)
142,857 People Served (70 pounds for the year)
54,000 Volunteers
162,000 Volunteer Hours
50 New Farms/sources of produce
$16,000,000 Retail value of produce (est. avg cost/lb $1.60)

Who we help

Low-income people living in the Washington DC Metro Area.

​Food Banks



CFC# 19112     UWNCA# 8080     CVC# 08540     UWCM# 19112

Mid-Atlantic Gleaning Network